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Ritual, Superstition & The Link To Creativity

Did you ever wonder how some of the best minds got the ideas that made them famous in the artistic community? Many of the world’s best jewelers, painters, writers, and sculptors use rituals and superstitions to guide

Check Out These Extreme Natural Phenomena For Inspiration

While the aspiring writer should always be working on their craft, there’s no doubt that accumulating life experience is a critical part of becoming a great writer. One of the best ways to get inspiration and a

3 Tips Dog Owners Should Keep In Mind

As a dog owner, coexisting with your dog means having a well-trained dog. Unless your pup is at the top of the list for the top 10 most dangerous dogs, nearly any dog can be trained from

5 Cool Facts About Our Universe

Did you ever wonder what is really out there? Our universe has an astonishing array of different phenomena, from galaxies, nebulas, comets, and the largest known stars all waiting for us to observe them in their glory.