5 Animals That Have Monogamous Relationships

Many times, people will cite the myth that no other animals in nature mate for life in a monogamous way as a defense against cheating.

Believe it or not, there are some “true romantic” species out there that couple off for life. Some of the species that are lifelong maters often are well known, too. Here are five animals that have monogamous relationships out in the wild.

1. Gibbons

gibbonsGibbons are the closest relative species to humaswanns that mate for life with a single mate. They are known for hanging out in trees with their mates, and visibly equal roles between the male and the female. Oddly enough, philandering and breakups have been documented in the gibbon species as well.

2. Swans

Swans are well known as monogamous animals that mate for life, and their loyalty to their mate has been celebrated in song and in literature. Considering all the work that comes with nest building and migration, it makes sense why many birds are monogamous. Still, when it comes to loyalty, swans often top the charts. It is worth mentioning that swans have had documented cases of cheating, but they are few and far between.

3. Wolves

gray-wolfMany times, wolves get a bad rap for being treacherous and civilized, but this couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to their mates. They mate for life, and often organize in a manner similar to that of angelfisha nuclear family. Wolves have also been documented as capable of mourning if their mate dies, and also have been known to protect their mate at all costs.

4. French Angelfish

Known for pairing off and living the rest of their lives in coupledom, French Angelfish do everything from hunting to sleeping with their mate. They almost never leave their partner, even for a moment, and will protect their territory from other coupled angelfish. This makes them the fish equivalent of that one joined-at-the-hip couple that you know.

5. Prairie Voles

Prairie_voleThis little-known rodent is yet another creature that mates for life. They also have a very egalitarian way of life, often splitting nesting and pup raising responsibilities evenly between the male and the female.

Surprisingly enough, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more species that have been documented as being lifelong monogamous species. Perhaps we could learn a little bit of romance from our animal friends, eh?