5 Expensive Things You Might Never Be Able To Afford

Spending money is something that most people love to do, but only the very rich could afford to buy the most the most expensive item in the world. Here are five expensive things you might never be able to afford unless you are one of the elite rich people in the world:

Billionaire Vodka

billionaire_vodka_7118-570x570The world’s most expensive vodka is called Billionaire Vodka. While it really doesn’t cost a whole one billion bucks, it is still considered to be the priciest vodka there is that money can buy. One bottle of Billionaire Vodka cost nearly $4 million. It was created by a man named Mr. Leon Verres. The bottle is decorated with more than three thousand diamonds, as well as Swarovski crystal. One reason why it cost so much is because it is made by pouring it over one million dollars’ worth of diamonds.

iPhone 4S Elite Gold

The iPhone 4S Elite Gold cost a cool $9.4 million. This pricy phone has 500 diamonds that are worth more than 100 carats. It was created by a man named Stuart Hughes. There is a very rare pink diamond in the navigation section and the chest section has real dinosaur bones from a tyrannosaurus Rex, the kind of all dinosaurs.

Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

One of the world’s most expensive shoes is the Harry Winston Ruby Slippers from the 1989 50th year anniversary for the Wizard of Oz. These iconic shoes cost three million bucks. They contain rubies worth 1,350 carats, as well as diamonds worth 50 carats. The original Wizard of Oz shoes were red sequined shoes and these are more than worthy of that pair as well.
Bugatti Veyron Supersport Car

When it comes to cars, the Bugatti Veyron Supersport can be claimed as one that is the priciest in the world. It is said to cost nearly three million bucks! This fancy car can get up to 268 miles per hour too! It is a car that the famous spy James Bond would love to drive with one of his beautiful female companions for sure!

Hermes Birkin Handbag

480px-Hermes_Birkin-4What about a handbag to go with those pricey ruby slippers? The Hermes Birkin Handbag made by Ginza Tanaka I is worth about three million dollars. It is actually pretty small, but contains more than 2,000 diamond gems on it. This beautiful bag is valued at more than two million dollars.