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5 Animals That Have Monogamous Relationships

Many times, people will cite the myth that no other animals in nature mate for life in a monogamous way as a defense against cheating. Believe it or not, there are some “true romantic” species out there

5 Career Ideas For Animal Lovers

If you have a passion for working with animals, or at least being around them, then you are in good company. There are plenty of jobs out there that allow you to help out your favorite furry

Tips For Beginner Wildlife Watchers

Before you start exploring the outdoors in the hopes to get a glimpse of the wildlife that call it home, you’ll want to make heed some advice in order to see the most fascinating creatures at their

The Gustav Gun: The Biggest Gun Ever Built

This post was generously guest authored by You can research online gunsmithing schools at The Gustav Gun was built in 1941 by the Nazis to destroy the Maginot Line. The Maginot Line was notoriously difficult

Overcoming Your Fear

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions that a person can feel, and it can prevent us from being the person that we want to be. It can cause serious social problems, and in some cases,

Which Renewable Energy Source Offers The Most Hope For The Future?

With the need for oil becoming more and more of a financial strain on people of the world, scientists are scrambling to find a more renewable form of energy for the future. There are many options on

Use Caffeine to Boost Productivity: Is It Always a Good Idea?

It is rare when something is always a good idea. Caffeine might be the best part of waking up to many people but choosing it to boost productivity isn’t always the wisest choice; but hey, everything in

Creative Inspiration – My Favorite Architectural Designs

Beautifully designed architecture is as much a work of art as they are a functioning building. The world is full of creatively inspired architectural wonders that are as exciting to see as any other local tourist attractions,

5 Expensive Things You Might Never Be Able To Afford

Spending money is something that most people love to do, but only the very rich could afford to buy the most the most expensive item in the world. Here are five expensive things you might never be

Ritual, Superstition & The Link To Creativity

Did you ever wonder how some of the best minds got the ideas that made them famous in the artistic community? Many of the world’s best jewelers, painters, writers, and sculptors use rituals and superstitions to guide