Ritual, Superstition & The Link To Creativity

dying gaulDid you ever wonder how some of the best minds got the ideas that made them famous in the artistic community? Many of the world’s best jewelers, painters, writers, and sculptors use rituals and superstitions to guide their creative process. Some artists actually wear lucky clothing in order to get the best ideas they can, while others have a ritual of writing down their dreams once they wake up.

Have you been wanting to stretch the limits of your artwork lately? If so, it may be time to start putting together some rituals that will help in the creative process. Write down your dreams, make a ritual of coming up with 5 different positive thoughts each day, or create a ritual that makes you feel more confident in yourself. Sometimes, it’s best to create your own mini-rituals to do throughout the day to help spark new thoughts in your mind.

Another common trait of people who are creative is to believe in serendipity – the belief that things happen for a reason. If you meet people who mention news or ideas that you never heard of before, run with it. If you keep running into someone, start seeing if there’s something unusual in the meet ups, and start asking why you would keep meeting this individual in the most random of places. Use the opportunity (or stroke of luck) to discover a new side to you.

Creative ideas can come from a wide variety of different sources. It can be sparked by a random thought you have, a strange dream, or just a random stroke of luck. There are so many different ways to find your next creative boost, so don’t give up if you haven’t been getting good ideas lately. The next one might just come along if you believe hard enough.