Which Renewable Energy Source Offers The Most Hope For The Future?

Progressive_Field_Wind_TurbineWith the need for oil becoming more and more of a financial strain on people of the world, scientists are scrambling to find a more renewable form of energy for the future. There are many options on the table – wind power, hydroelectric dams, as well as solar, to name a few – but each one has its own perks and pitfalls. Which can offer the most hope for the future? Well, it really depends on the location.

Solar power has helped bring relief to the electric grids in major city areas, as well as in the suburbs. With new improvements in the creation of solar panels, it’s becoming more common to see people installing panels on the roofs of their homes. The sun will always be there, which makes it a very constant way to get a lot of power during the day time. During the night, power stays in reserves in the panels, but it can run out. Unless solar panels become even more efficient at creating and storing energy, it won’t be likely that this will be the sole hope for the future.

Hydroelectric dams have proven to be a great source of constant energy in places of great water flow, but the fact is that there is a location issue. You can’t put a hydroelectric dam in a desert and expect it to generate a lot of power. However, several well-placed dams can provide a lot of energy to cities and suburbs that need it. Many of the most polluted cities in the world could benefit from switching to hydro electric energy.

While there has been a certain amount of debate over the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy, wind power has so far been shown to be very popular in a slew of areas across the United States. There will always be a breeze, and wind turbines have also shown themselves to be excellently efficient in converting movement to electricity. If you don’t live in an area that allows for wind turbine installation, though, it won’t be of much help.

Perhaps it isn’t just one form of alternative energy that people should look towards in the future. If we used solar panels, hydroelectric power, and wind turbines to generate more and more energy, we would rely on fossil fuels a lot less. As long as there are scientists who are diligently working on creating more alternative energy sources, we can rest assured that there will be a way to wean our world off the need for toxic, non-renewable fossil fuels.